What happens when you drink water with lemon in the morning

Drinking water with lemon is a good morning habit. Furthermore, having it when you’re fasting will help you take full advantage of its benefits.

The rules for drinking water and lemon juice in the morning may seem easy, but there are several tricks that may bring the best out of this routine. Also, before you start to drink this beverage you should know it’s contraindications.
The rules for drinking water with lemon:
The water must be warm. Only one lemon is squeezed at a time. You must drink it immediately, after preparation.

Recommendations: The lemon must be mature and organic. Therefore, not treated with pesticides, chemicals or waxes. If the taste is not very pleasant, put a bit of honey in the water.

Do not abuse it! It can be useful during the change of seasons. Then it can be consumed for about twenty days, in that period. When you are very stressed out, drink one at every two days. If you drank and ate too much, or just feel swollen, have it for approximately three days. If you don’t have any problems, you can drink it one week/month.

Properties and benefits of lemon

The lemon contains a good dose of: citric acid, calcium and potassium citrates, mineral salts, elements such as iron, phosphorus, manganese, copper, vitamins B1, B, B3, and C, carotene.

Lemon has antiseptic and antibacterial characteristics, and therefore useful for:

-Increasing the immune response;

-Toning the entire body (from the heart to the veins in the nervous system);

-Stimulating diuresis;

-Slowing down the degenerative processes in the joints;

-Mineralize the body and alkalinize it;

-Combatting anemia;

-Encouraging gastrohepatitis secretions;

The remedies made from lemon are usually recommended for people suffering from anemia, rheumatism, bronchitis, diabetes, indigestion, calculations, influence and hyperthyroidism.


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