What happens when you drink water with lemon in the morning

Why the lemon has an alkalizing effect?

The acids that compose the juice, in our body are subjected to a basic reaction. Salts oxidize and resulting carbonates and bicarbonates of calcium and potassium which promote alkalizing blood.

Is it true that the lemon helps you lose weight?

Yes, lemon regulates the metabolism and helps digestion, water and lemon juice also helps the intestines to perform well its functions. We also said that the lemon juice promotes diuresis and detoxification.

How to prepare the lemon water in the morning
Take a pot, pour water and bring it to a tolerable heat, then it must be lukewarm. Pour it into a cup and squeeze in a lemon, not too big. Remove seeds and pulp, and drink immediately. After about ten minutes you can serve your breakfast.

It’s true that, at first, the taste is a shock. The most sensible advice is not to start immediately with the juice of a lemon but with a couple of teaspoons to gradually get used to it. Next, squeeze half a lemon. Gradually, increase to a full lemon. If you really cannot bear the taste, add a bit of honey.

Why should you drink warm water and lemon juice, in the morning?
-The water and lemon performs a real “body wash” to the kidneys, the liver, the gastro-intestinal tract;

-Purifies the body! It helps us to eliminate toxins and waste mainly through diuresis. Also, the warm water activates the metabolism that allows us to burn the fat and calories;

-The blood alkalizing helps fight the degeneration of joints, reducing inflammation from uric acid causes, and balances the PH of the body;

-Stimulates the immune system: the water and lemon enhances the functioning of white blood cells, also lemon is rich in vitamin C which helps fight the flu;

-It helps regulate blood pressure and nerve activity, due to the potassium;

-Helps you to lose weight because it stimulates the metabolism;

-Promotes gastric activity, in practice you digest better, it reduces the acidity and heartburn, and stimulates the production of bile;

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