What happens when you drink water with lemon in the morning

-It is good for your skin because of the rich content of vitamin C;

-Refreshes the body and the breath, it helps fight infections of the mouth, gingivitis and mouth ulcers;

-It helps against loss of appetite, fatigue, stress, depression, dehydration and stimulates brain activity and creativity (did not you know it?);

-It helps fight lung diseases, chronic cough, reduces mucus and reduces noise such as sore throats and colds;

-Anti-tumor properties: it seems that the water and lemon juice prevents the spread of cancer cells as well as free radicals;

-It stimulates intestinal activity, consequently the entire body benefits from it.

Indications, contraindications and tips:
-Pay attention to the water temperature, should not be boiling!

-Citric acid is not the best friend of the tooth enamel, so either drink the water and lemon juice through a straw or right after you rinse your mouth.

-You should not add sugar or sweeteners, for any reason. At most, add a bit of organic honey. Although, it’s better to get used to the natural taste of the drink.

-You can drink in case of gastritis? The reaction varies from person to person. However, it is best to avoid or ask your doctor.

-The water cannot be cool because the thermal shock is too high for the organism.

-You can only drink the lemon juice without water? No, the water serves to make it less aggressive.

-It ‘also recommended in the case of acid reflux? No.

-The hot water and lemon juice you can take during pregnancy? You must ask your doctor for advice.

-Can I have breakfast right after? No, it is best to wait at least ten minutes and do not drink coffee canceling water and lemon benefits.

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